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Statues are part of the “built environment” of architecture; they help to define and decorate our spaces. Some statues are better known than their locations; some are so obscure you’ll only see them by accident. New York has plenty of both categories, which we will include. However, we haven’t gone on a statue-hunting expedition – these photos are incidental to other categories, so this gallery will continue to expand over time.

We’re using an arbitrary definition of statue here – a representation of a real person. Thus, we include Hans Christian Anderson but exclude Alice in Wonderland (who lives happily ever after within the Sculptures gallery).


Sculpture, like statues (see separate gallery), help define and decorate our environment; sculpture complements architecture.

What’s the difference between sculpture and statue? Completely arbitrary: For our purposes, statues are likenesses of real, identifiable people; sculptures are not. Alice In Wonderland lives happily ever after, right here with sculpture; Hans Christian Andersen is with the statues.

This is by no means a closed gallery – we’re just getting started! If there’s a particular piece that you think should be here ASAP, please let us know with a comment. Thanks!