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New York Architecture Photos

New York architecture photos are my passion. Here are images, stats, stories, sources and links to make the Big Apple’s buildings your passion, too.

Why? Because New York City is a living museum of architecture. It has nearly a million buildings erected over a span of four centuries in a fascinating palette of historical styles.

Thousands of architects have toiled to plan a “built environment” for living, learning, working and entertainment. These mostly unsung heroes have done their planning so well that their work is mostly invisible. Architects’ creations are taken for granted almost as much as the sidewalks from which they rise. New Yorkers routinely walk by historic landmarks without a thought of the effort and care needed to create those treasures.

So here are thousands of images to explore, reveal, and celebrate some famous structures and lesser-known architectural gems. This is a personal, not academic selection. I’ve discovered or re-discovered these buildings and neighborhoods mostly by walking around with my camera and shooting what I like. I usually do my research after I process the photos. Great buildings usually have great stories, which I’ve condensed. “Recommended Reading” links let you go deeper, if you wish.

This site is a labor of love, built over a period of years without advertising. I ask only that you respect my copyright. If you need images for any reason, please use my contact form to request them. If you’d like a large print to hang on your wall, please visit my gallery at Fine Art America. (This gallery is a very recent addition, if you don’t see what you’re looking for, please use my contact form to request the image and I’ll add it to the gallery.)

Thank you – and enjoy!

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