1407 Broadway

1407 Broadway “is the dashingly inventive 1407 Broadway, from 38th to 39th Streets, built in 1950. Strip windows punctuate this intelligent, angular structure, and the green brick and rich red window framing make it an oasis in the near desert of early postwar architecture,” Christopher Gray wrote in The New York Times.

The building’s International style design is certainly a bright, colorful contrast with the Garment District’s 1930s loft buildings in Renaissance or Romanesque Revival style. 1407 Broadway also stands out because the tower is aligned with the Manhattan street grid, instead of with Broadway. The Plaza in front of 1411 Broadway (on the block north of 1407) makes the view from uptown particularly striking.

Though some have tried to get NYC Landmark status for 1407 Broadway, that hasn’t happened, yet.

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