A Few Words

This post marks the relaunch of NewYorkitecture.com. The web host I’ve been using (Bluehost) is unwilling or unable to keep my server running reliably, so I decided to move rather than renew the service.

While moving, I decided to make some changes. The most obvious changes are cosmetic, but I’ve tried to make the site easier to use. You can now search the site: There’s a search tool at the top and bottom of every page. You can browse a comprehensive contents/index on the home page, or browse visual indexes for the site’s major categories. You can follow tags at the bottom of each post to find similar galleries – browse by year, by architectural style, by neighborhood, by architect, etc.

While rebuilding NewYorkitecture.com I’ve (finally!) standardized the slideshows. The old site used three different styles, one of which wasn’t working very well. The new style is also easier to maintain, so I’ll be able to start reloading galleries with better photos. Which brings me to the last point: Rebuilding the site has been a humbling experience. In reviewing my galleries I’m embarrassed at the quality of my earliest work. If I didn’t have to move the site right away, I would replace the galleries before relaunching.