Armeny Building

Nassau and Fulton Streets meet at a busy corner, architecturally speaking: The NYC landmark Fulton Building is on the SW corner; the NYC landmark Bennett Building is on the NW corner; and the Armeny Building is on the SE corner. The Fulton and Armeny buildings were both designed by De Lemos & Cordes, the architects who gave us the Siegel-Cooper Buildings and Macy’s.

If the building looks top-heavy, with an odd transition between the sixth and seventh floors, don’t blame De Lemos & Cordes. In 1893 the owner decided to add two floors, and he hired a different architect for the job. Soon after, pen-maker Gyulo Armeny bought the building.

See the wonderful Daytonian in Manhattan blog for more fascinating history about the building and its tenants.

Today, the ground floor is occupied by a cafe; the upper floors are rental apartments (see the Street Easy listing for details).

Armeny Building Vital Statistics
  • Location: 90 Nassau Street at Fulton Street
  • Year completed: 1889
  • Architect: De Lemos & Cordes
  • Floors: 8
  • Style: Romanesque
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